Sunday, September 28, 2008

lets talk history - Adolf Hitler...

Adolf Hitler, one of histories greatest man. The man who led the nazi's! The mastermind behind the World War II. To tell the truth, I respect this guy. He was a genius, mastermind!
For those who don't the Chancellor of Germany which is highly impossible, he is not japanese. The nazi flag may look like a 45 degrees turn of a buddhist commercial flag, but it does have a meaning to it. But 1st a small trivia for you, did you know that it is illegal to own a full size flag of a nazi flag? The rules may not be as strong here, but its an approve law by the UN for anti-nazism. Okay so back to the topic... a nazi flag!

a swastika flag. Established in 1920 after the nazi party won the election, the Weimer Republic was demolished. The idea of having the tricolor is simple, its the color of the nazi. Hitler once told the meaning of the colors hite for nationalism, red for socialism, and the swastika (the symbol in the middle) to symbolize the Aryan race.
Yes, he was a racist. He believed the Aryan was the "super-race". That was why the Berlin hosted the summer Olympic games in the 1936. But he did said that he respected the Britians for their tactical plans and the strength to rule almost a quarter of the world, controlling the economy. And Hitler hated the Jews. Oh yes, the genocide idea. Killing over 6 millions Jews. He started the idea of controlling over Europe (everything i wrote so far is based on memory, expect the flag colors, i used wiki :D) by demanding austria to join them. Next the poles. Germany was economically strong then, having the wealth to built and army from scratch. No one other than Hitler was able to do this. He single handily make the Germans to believe in him and allowed him to become the dictator of the country. As he 1st began with the conquer of Czechslevia (now know as the Czech Republic and Slovenia), he abolished the relationship with China to support Japan and their fanatic idea to conquer Asia. So Jermans see three main countries as their biggest thread at the beginning of the war... the Soviet Union, the British and the Americans. With the Axis formed with major powerhouses, Empire of Japan, Germany and Italy. Minor countries such as Iraq, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria and helped by some countries such as Finland and Thailand. World War II began. The allies were quickly formed. The US (led by Roosevelt) with the British and the Soviet Union together with other countries such as France, Poland aim to beat Hitler and his army.... So here i end part 1, probably no one will read it. but its fun to type


Monday, September 15, 2008

r.i.p. sulian

i will always remember you.
yes i will.

you were that fine looking girl in the morning that i didnt know.
took me awhile to find out ur name, and where came from.
funny you were, as i always remember i could easily speak to you, as you were fun and bubbly all the time.
i remember times when i could contact you on the virtual line when you were sick.
even in pain you were still you, never sad, never whining 
i was heart broken to know that you have forgotten bout me but it's okay, it was not ur fault.

i remember i said i will visit you at least once, i didnt manage to keep that promise, im sorry.
to the late wong su lian, i will always miss you and will learn from you.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Introducing - Lachesis

Lachesis - google it, and you will find 2 things, the new Razor mouse named lachesis and another meaning to it. A greek mythology god, one of the many daughters of Zues. The decider of fate and one of the 3 fate sisters. Remember the scene in Hercules where three sister share an eyeball and cut strings that end ppl lives?
thats the name of our band... for now.
one fine day, kc jeremy and I came up with a brilliant idea to perform for SAM prom in the form of a band. Adding in Amir and Denisa, a little band was form.
First proper song ? Yellow - Coldplay

So the members of Lachesis are...
Jeremy (Vocal, Acoustic, Drums)
KC (Lead guitar)
Denisa (Bass, Keyboard, Guitars)
Amir (Drums)
WanJi (Acoustics, bass, and hopefully vocals) :D i got 3... awesome!

so band practice starts, an we went through an audition with hopefully many more to come. 
for now... that will be all. 


Monday, September 1, 2008

its the 1st of september

the moment i start typing this shit post, there is about 3 minutes left for september the 1st. 

so the rahmadan (sue me, i dont know how to spell) month starts.
one things that comes out of your mind if food food food @ the bazaar rahmadan. 
i have approx 30 days to consume .... read this in 1 breath...
nasi lemak, nasi briyani, air kelapa, nasi dagang, samosa, kuey teow basah, lee chi kang, roti john, kebab, pita, burger daging, air tebu, kepak ayam, satay, nasi goreng, mee goreng + kuey teow goreng, nasi tomato, air bandung and many more.

the 1st of september means the start of the holy month for the muslims. In malaysia, it is also a day after our country gets a year older. happy 51th merdeka ppl.
what did i do on my 51th merdeka celebration?!
get con
fucking con
money down the drain

so i made a promise to myself, in this month i must improve myself. at the end of august 2008, i have learn something.
never get con again.
stop puffing - lele says so :D
drink only when the drinks call you - i think im having beer belly
and voila we came to the last phrase, study hard for trials. signing of to continue maths. 1-G

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