Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dedicated to s4 - Crossroads

Well, once again. We've meet another crossroad. Going out to face the world of we barely know. But we've done this before, why make it so hard?
For now, we will have no choice but to separate to our different pathways, different life and different places that we came from. S4, i'll give you my first impression. On my 1st day of college, i was sad. I had chosen subjects which I know that it is not suitable for me, I had to transfer from my desired A-levels course, and I was not ready to leave my High-school life. I hated the class. Yup, i most certainly did.
But now, i still hate you guys. :D
We all know what is to come on the last day of our college life, the ever so difficult process of goodbyes and soon departures, then why make it so freaking hard?
To the 19th that made it to prom and the Langkawi trip, i will never forget these memories. Cheers people, this is only the end of 2008.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

SAM is over

SAM has ended.
Another year has just wither away.
glad. happy. delighted. owh yes, we ended sam on a cloud nine.
sad. melancholy? yeah, i dont know about everyone else, but I'm bored!
To s4, thank god we still a have a couple of activities left together.
I'm not gonna say, after 2 days, I've started to miss you guys


Wonderwall / sweetest girl

wonderwall, as made famous by oasis.
sweetest girl - wyclef john

please dont laugh :D


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Acoustic covers

Justin Timberlake/ Boyce Avenue - Lovestoned
A brilliant dance song by JT, Boyce Avenue from youtube did an acoustic version of it, this is more of a simpler version. Most of the ideas came from KuoChern and Jeremy.

Metro Station - Shake It
Been listening to it all night, came out of nowhere. Fun and easy to play. Will post bass version soon, once i get hold of a bass.


Friday, November 7, 2008

When Obama won.

when Obama won, I bet'ca the first you thing you thought of is, can a person of minority race rule another country?
well if youre not, you might want to redirect to the a emotional - my life sucks blog.
I may not be the 1st to mention this.
I was reading a few blogs the other day, I came across Lim Kit Siang's blog (the prominent leader of DAP, father of Lim Guan Eng - Chief Minister of Penang.)
There was a particular post on his blog titled "Obama’s historic win – can a Chinese, Indian, Kadazan or Iban become Prime Minister?" posted on November 5th 2008, so as the title presents itself, can the minorities become the PM of malaysia? I don't think so.
As we look into history, all 5 (and the 6th) of our prime minister were Malay (although some would say that Che Det is a mamak) and I doubt majority of Malaysians are brave enough to see a person from another race on that post. Similar to how the republicans run, our homegrown political party Barisan National has mold fear into the hearts of every Malaysian citizen believing that politics are only for that very few people.
But when I look in the dictionary for the meaning of the word 'leader' it meant one who, or which who leads and conducts. Our leader should be a person who can lead no matter what race does he come from. If a malay man is suitable for the job, he should get the job. If a malaysian caucasian can take it, then he/she should get the votes. Hopefully, Obama's victory in the United States is the Change we can believe in, that happens not only there, but here as well. :D

OWH Owh, one more thing, here is 7 Billion that came out of thin air to save the economy (and get some votes) wink*


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i am a democrat!

im for the democrats!