Tuesday, December 30, 2008

About roti canai, pak lah, and 2009

Read the news lately?
Fried chicken, roti canai and teh tarik is gonna cost less!
note: only these 3 products are going to be controlled by our goverment, thank you, we are all so grateful, now to roti canai and ayam goreng for every meal. Thank you Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners Association. Even the name of the Association is wrong. Why is there the word 'Indian' in it? Racist. Why don't you rename it to Malaysia Mamak Association or short for MMA. I'm MAMAK - Malaysia's Ada Mamak Ade Kari, that did not turn out right, fuck it.

Putting that aside. RPK is a gladiator, he has balls of steel. No! Balls of diamonds.
this link will not bring you to my favorite pornography website, but to RPK's letter to his newest pen-pal, Pak Lah, better known as Prime Minister.

Jolly, how is 2009 gonna turn out to be.
Its only 19 hours away from 2009.
can't wait for a blackie to take his seat.
can't wait for the stability of money.
can't wait.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Years

Its the new years!
I'll be working on that day!
I heard i'll be madly awarded with a double pay, that is good and bad news at the same time.
Time for a new year resolution, anyone?


Saturday, December 20, 2008

post sam

That letter, one part brown the other white, is the last signal, telling you that SAM is now OVER.
I've heard all the emotional talks, and seen the tears flow
"Owh, imma miss you all!"
"This is the best year of all!"
"SOB, i'll never see you guys!"
Get over it.

As far as I'm concern, I achieved sufficient TER's to enter Monash University next year, which now I am motivated not to be the lazy bum in class.
Bachelor of Commerce. Do I look like a business man?
I know I'm chinese and all but...
So I have to major in accounting. Damn think about it, me a member of CPAA or ACCA? I'm basically following my sisters footsteps which I think is not a bad idea. She can help me, as always.
To those who care about me, and that is my grandmother,
Grandma! Read here ----> I'm gonna be M'sia for at least another year, then i'll probably transfer over to UNSW or UTS as both universities are in Sydney, my sisters place. Hopefully by then my sister has a stable job, better if there is a place for me to stay and the most vital thing of all necessities, a kitchen.
I was thinking about applying for a credit transfer to UWA in Perth, where the school fees and cost of living is lower. And other reasons as well.
But I still have more than 3 months to sleep on it, so who gives a fuck.

Owh btw, which stands for "by the way", its 1.30 in the morning cant get any sleep, cause I'm fucking bored and most of all, confused. Very VERY confused.


Monday, December 15, 2008


i sell shoes
i climb ladders
i smile to customers
i resist some of the customers attitude
i clench my hands all so many times
i sweep floors
i wipe the windows
i vacuum
i rearrange the racks
i became spiderman by climbing the tall shelves
i find for shoes
i have to talk politely
i have to use all 3 languages
i have to stand for 8 hours
i have to be punctual
i have to throw the rubbish
i have to eat alone
i cant use my phone
i have to style my hair
i wear a tight shirt (no other size)
i have to memorize so many things
i have to iron the clothes
i get looked down
i have to listen to authority
i work my ass off

i get paid.

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Friday, December 12, 2008


This is predicted to be occured for the year 2009.
I was lucky to receive an email in advance, so readers, here is some information.

By january, all rempits highlight here --> (muslims in malaysia) cant swim in public pool.
This is because public pool allows all races to enter. God knows what kind of food or items or yoga activities did the other races did before entering the pool.
So, public pool is a BIG no no.

By february, all rempits cant eat outside. Even halal certified mamak stores.
This is because most of our cooking appliance are made from China.
What type of people work in factories in China?

By march, all rempits cant stay in Klang no more.
An allowance of rm3000 will be provided to find a new home.
Main purpose? Stay away from bak kut teh stores.

By april, all rempits can only drive malaysian cars.
Cause japanese, europeans and americans eat pork, drink and bet alot.

By may, all rempits can only buy rice that are made in malaysia.
Thai rice is officially banned.
There goes cheap rice.

By jun, badminton, ping pong, athletics and all sports even sepak takraw are banned,
Cause by then, rempits will find out that sepak takraw originated from Thailand.
Nope, we malaysian could not create a simple game of kicking a rattan.

I'll do the rest of the year on my next post.
Malaysia Boleh!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How was work?

I get that, everyday.
Work is really tiring, yeah, it is.
What work? Sales Assistant in Nike Sunway Pyramid.
Sounds nice huh? Owh well, it does sound nice.
But its hell, rm4.5 per hour, and i dont get staff discount.
Lets not forget really really really annoying customers. I finally understand quite a number of things.

Owh yoga and anti tomboy-ism is our newest and dumbest issue.
Yoga is something against muslim?
I did a little research about yoga. And yeah, at a certain point, yoga do require some chantings that is translated to connection one with god, with under the teachings of Islam, is prohibited.
But why are the islamic body worried about muslims converting into another religion? Its really stupid.
If that happens, that means the person does not have the faith on the religion anymore?
Then why do you ban it?

And another, tomboy?
Girls cant be dressed as a tomboy?
Firstly, what the fuck is a tomboy nowadays.
Owh how bout she-males huh?
why isnt she males a question, is this only the females fault?

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