Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today was an awesome day! I went out with him and he went out with her. (ooo, the italics, now i wonder what the secret is on a public blog). No i'm not gonna spill the beans :) :) :). wanjiloo.  this is name of my friend in windings loolololol.

So then, when you go out you have lots lots of fun.
when you leave your warm home, you leave only for fun
- some dude
i got this from
how do you think i have so many quotations! 

Back to the day.  I will now tell everyone a poem.

well today
was not like yesterday
which was a tuesday
we all had an xray
which went okay

now read this bullshit from the left
to the right.
and have a picture to block you.
and i can do an physical action on my blog by doing this! *hit!!!*

I did not just mock some bloggers (smiley face)


Saturday, February 21, 2009


在今,我为了让我的网络日记有多色多彩, 我用了我的母语来写我的新公告。


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tinggal satu minggu

Kasi satu minggu lagi, aku akan menyertai university pertama ku, aku x suka gi the uni dgn cpt kali.
Ku telah main dgn member ku selama 2 minggu, karang kena mula baca bukan, cam ni bukan style ku, in x best.
skrg ku join uni dgn course yg teramat hebat sekali tetapi membosankan, iaitu course commerce, nampaknya ku akan mempelajari ttg ekomoni dan ttg duit duit. satu sayang duit.
tapi kena bazir banyak duit utk gi university, mahal doh!
member lain yg akan menyertai saya ialah, jean member baik-ku, gwen dari college taylors yg ku menyertai tahun lepas. nampaknya justin nicholas serta christina dari college ku pun join ku. lawa doh, best sekali.
hingga post ku yg akan datang, selamat!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Its almost time.

imagine john denvers "leaving on a jet plane" being played, and figures, zipping their bags, carry their luggages and saying their last goodbyes to their love ones. Those love ones are left with tears, and starts running after, wahtever they leave on, a car, on foot, a bus, until it leaves plain sight. they leaving to study, in a different land, where foreign laws are applied. Most likely leaving the very things that you grew up with. As the plane lifts itself in to the clear blue sky.

damn i wish i could be that. but not yet! maybe soon. to those leaving soon or already left, hahaha. bet'ca you miss home bitches.