Tuesday, May 26, 2009

27th May 2009

Weather: Hot as a furnace.
Time: has never been shorter.

2 weeks left before the beginning of the end of my 1st semester in Monash. things could not be better. My assignments have all reached cosummation. Astonishing enough i did not have any sleepless Sunday nights, not long able to listen to the lady next door cleaining the house at 4 o'clock till the sun hits the horizon.

I spend rm98 today, on something that I have to thank my dear ol' manager, Nick from the nike store in Sunway Pyramid. As nice as he was, he allowed me to purchase tickets and obtained training session admission pass a day earlier.
I'll be occupied on the 17th and 18th of July, watching the soon-to-be crown again European champions and 18 times league winners MANCHESTER UNITED. Take that Ilyas and Denisa who is gonna owe me rm10 each by thursday morning.

I have a daily schedule to complete, consisting of an impossible amount of studying or Shak once said "to apply the minds to book or learning" eee. Brain using.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Glory glory man utd.

2.30a.m., still up was completing my business stats assignments, which i have completed upon starting a new post, this is my 6th assignment ever since starting this semester in mid march.

To those Man Utd fans who managed to watch yesterdays match, we have witnessed the classic game of boys against men.
Hail the excellence of the European and World Champions.
Lucky? I think the definition of this word should be re-examined if you were to choose this excuse.
Every single player out-classed their opponents.

One thing i would like to mention is that I realize many use 'has to many supporters' and 'everyone supports them' is a reason why to not support, wanting to be of a special and be in a "different" position by not supporting these clubs. Man Utd and Liverpool are the 2 English teams that i think many are confused. The reason why there are many supporters for a sporting club is because they are good, winning, play brilliant football with world-class players.

So as a fellow supporter of Man Utd. I think its not because everyone supports, its because they are awesome.
Fuck the bullshit saying that teams like Man Utd, Liverpool, Bar'ca, Real Madrid has too many supporters and are those fans are just following the flow.
The Emirates (Arsenal's Stadium) has 60,000 seat capacity, those special people. No offense to Arsenal fans there.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Break faster la macha

Received my car bumper sticker 2 days ago, just 3 days after my weekend request for one. They even send an email to say thank you for participating. Little things are that can change a consumer. Good ol' how do you like our service/product, now please do do i mean i do give you a choice but come back to us.

Camera is a little screwed up but what the heck.
Only on Business FM 89.9 :D