Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Football Game.

What a save from Ben Foster! the number 12 of Man Utd, saved that shot from Ronaldo the former number 7 of United and took it as if his gloves has glue on them.
Short 1 from the keeper, here comes evra, taking on robben, nani on the left, rolls the ball to carrick, *thud*, rooney is free from the defender, using his body strength and lays back a pass to and he scores!!! the new number 18 of united!!! What a stunner, Wan Ji Loo scores from 30 yards outside the box and the Bernabau goes mad, on the 90th minute, this could be the goal that brings the European cup back to Man Utd....

I am allowed to dream, right?


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have tickets to MTV World Stage.
Can't wait to watch it.

Its 5.30 in the morning, i cant sleep, my skin has a rash on it again.
So to update my blog I shall do it.
To those who care, I'm no longer a Monasah University Student anymore. I discontinued my studies in as a Business Student in Monash so that I could study in a course where I had first laid my eyes on - Engineering.
Knowing now the future that lies ahead of me seem a little darker, I decided to choose this final and certainly most expensive pathway.
I'm 19, I barely know what am I good at.
I'm okay in Maths and Physics.
I'm okay in Accounting
I like studying Medicine and Social Science, its pretty interesting.
I like understanding History, works of philosophy(note: i did not mention i'm okay or i'm good in it)

But why engineering, one might ask. I know I aint the smartest around to go into the field. Previously, i'm shy to tell the world that I've decided to throw away my parents money on a half a year education in Monash, I'm still actually.
Back to the top, I dont really know, but what i know is that you can have my word, imma do my best. Have fun for the next 4 years, get a degree, then see what happens then. Yup i planned for the next 4 years, brilliant aint I.
There are too many words in here gotta stop. (:
Hijau-Ji signing off.


Monday, August 3, 2009


Haha, shravan isnt here!!!
Macha, come back to Subang! and step on it!!!

I had no celebration for the 19th anniversary of the arrival of hijau-ji to the world.
But many thanks to those who cared.
Lele you owe me a meal, i'm still waiting
Jean got a present for me.
My sister bought me something awesome, cant wait for it!
Thank you Lee Ying and Kimberly for the awesome meal and cake!

I hate my blood and skin which causes rash.