Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have tickets to MTV World Stage.
Can't wait to watch it.

Its 5.30 in the morning, i cant sleep, my skin has a rash on it again.
So to update my blog I shall do it.
To those who care, I'm no longer a Monasah University Student anymore. I discontinued my studies in as a Business Student in Monash so that I could study in a course where I had first laid my eyes on - Engineering.
Knowing now the future that lies ahead of me seem a little darker, I decided to choose this final and certainly most expensive pathway.
I'm 19, I barely know what am I good at.
I'm okay in Maths and Physics.
I'm okay in Accounting
I like studying Medicine and Social Science, its pretty interesting.
I like understanding History, works of philosophy(note: i did not mention i'm okay or i'm good in it)

But why engineering, one might ask. I know I aint the smartest around to go into the field. Previously, i'm shy to tell the world that I've decided to throw away my parents money on a half a year education in Monash, I'm still actually.
Back to the top, I dont really know, but what i know is that you can have my word, imma do my best. Have fun for the next 4 years, get a degree, then see what happens then. Yup i planned for the next 4 years, brilliant aint I.
There are too many words in here gotta stop. (:
Hijau-Ji signing off.



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